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Buys fake cocaine and calls police to get refund

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

A woman was arrested after she called local police to help “get her money back”: she purchased a “fake” crack cocaine!

Apparently a Rochelle woman thought so when she called the local police to help “get her money back” after she was unhappy with the crack cocaine she had bought Thursday night. Juanita Marie Jones, 53, of 957 Gordon St. called Rochelle Policelate Thursday night after she purchased what she thought was a $20 piece of crack cocaine, she said. She told officers she broke the rock into three pieces and smoked one, only to discover the rock was “fake.” She told Officer Joel Quinn and Deputy John Shedd of the Wilcox County Sheriff’s Office that she wanted them to get her money back. Jones took the officers into her kitchen and showed them the alleged “fake” rock at which time they arrested her on charges of possession of cocaine.

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