Stephen King mistaken for vandal

Stephen King, the bestselling author, was mistaken for a vandal in the Australian Outback while secretly signing copies of his own thrillers in a book shop. The alarm was raised from a customer who noticed a man writing in several books.

Stephen King mistaken for vandal in Australian outback King has penned over 50 horror and fantasy novels. A customer at the Dymocks store in remote Alice Springs raised the alarm after noticing a man walk in off the street and begin writing in several books, manager Bev Ellis told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
“As the owner of a bookshop, when you see someone writing in one of your books you get a bit toey [touchy],” Ms Ellis said. [..] “So we immediately ran to the books and lo-and-behold here was the signature in several books. We sort of spun around on our heels, (saying) ‘where did he go, where did he go’?” [..] Ms Ellis said five of the six books King signed will be given to community groups for fund-raising auctions. The sixth was bought by the customer who mistook King for a vandal.

Stephen King is one of the famous writer of the world and is not “popular”. If he was a idiot guy from the big brother this mistake would not have happened… [ – Original: AFP]


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